Mar 29

A guide to treat and prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy

Developing stretchmarks during pregnancy is said to be genetic. So are there really good solutions in preventing them?

Stretchmarks during pregnancy is a big reality and more than 90% of all woman get them to some degree
when carrying a baby. There are hundreds of creams and oils claiming to help prevent and treat these
unsightly scars on our bodies, yet after spending thousands on these products out of utter desperation I
found that none of them actually do anything other than make you feel better about yourself in your mind.

I set out to do research and tried all sorts of experiments on different woman of different backgrounds.
My experiments included daily treatments with household products, the application of some household oils and
simply a healthy diet. First I tried olive oil twice daily because of it’s known healing properties.
I ended up with one messy, oily woman…with stretchmarks as clear as ever.

Next I tried adding some flower oils to bath water and lavender had a small effect on the purpleness of the skin
but didn’t really do much. Adding maizena to a bath also just had a big mess as result. This is when I tried
cacao butter and healing lanolin. This product (usually present in nipple cream) caused the marks to fade slightly
and the skin was elastic.

I applied bio oil and happy event for months and the marks went from purple to a light faded pink. But even then
they never went away. The woman who used the creams, oils and other products showed little to no results.
But the woman who followed a healthy diet with plenty of fluids from the start of pregnancy showed a
great 5% less chance of getting stretchmarks because their skin was healthy and elastic with plenty of stretchability.

However stretchmarks are genetic and if your mother had them, chances are you will too. There are no products
or diets that can chance your genetics, so if you do get these marks, know that you are not alone! And when
holding your little bundle of joy, I promise that the last thing on your mind will be stretchmarks. They
often fade by themselves after delivery and you can cover them up with some make-up base if you show your belly or
wear shorts.

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