Jun 05

Cellulite Reduction – 3 Possible Solutions

This article mentions 3 ways to get rid of cellulite but the reality is that there are a lot more ways to tackle this problem.

Anyway, I thought if you are looking to get rid of cellulite you should know about these 3 methods.

Happy reading.

Looking for a cellulite reduction treatment?  There are many ways for you to get rid of the dreaded orange peel effect so it?s called, you?re definitely not helpless.  Many women around the world suffer from cellulite and it?s not just the older women, younger women are prone to getting it as well, even teenagers!

So if you find you have some cellulite developing, your first and safest bet is to check the Internet for some solutions as there are plenty to be found here.  From creams to lotions there is no shortage of solutions. 

If you?re looking for another cellulite reduction treatment though, we?re going to go over a few additional choices to take into consideration:

1.        Exercise

Of course, one of the most effective forms of cellulite reduction treatment is also the most basic and easy to implement.  Granted it might not be easy to maintain a proper exercise regimen, however it is very easy to start the process.

If you are not too active, it would be wise to start jogging outside or go and get yourself a gym membership, it?s really worth it to make that investment in yourself and in your body, plus working out is a great stress reliever.

When you exercise, you want to do so for at least 45 minutes, preferably 2 hours.  If you workout for 2 hours you can not only get in a cardio session but also a weight training session. 

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Jun 03

Cellulite Reduction Secrets | How to Reduce Cellulite

Want to know more about cellulite? Check out this short video.

You need a sequence of easy special workouts that? target the areas that have the cellulite.

These workouts are designed to lift, form, and tone the locations you need it most while bringing back again the smooth pores and skin you tone you desire.

Traditional workouts may make things worse so watch this video now and get informed.

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May 05

Do You Have Fat Flabby Arms? Summer is almost here time to tone up and show off

Time to get those arms toned up a bit, summer is around the corner and we can finally get rid of our multilayer clothing….Winters are so good in a way, you can just hide your flab so much better :).

Anyway, read this article, it will help with your general diet and exercise and get some good tips on what exercise to do to tone your arms. Variety is always good.

When I talk amongst my girlfriends, the area of our bodies that we are most embarrassed about showing off is our arms. You would think it would be flabby bellies or thighs, but no – those areas can be hidden, especially now there is that wonderful invention called spandex. It is arms that we are most ashamed of.

Just think, you look out of the window and the sky is blue and the sun is shining. You look in your wardrobe and see that new sleeveless dress you’ve wanted to wear. You put it on and then admire yourself in the mirror and the worse thing to happen happens – you notice that your arms are looking fat, flabby or even jiggly. Actually, this scenario happened to me not that long ago. It was from that moment that I decided to do something about it or else keep my arms covered up forever. This is what I discovered.

The first thing to understand is that fat flabby arms are caused by gaining too much body weight. It is an unfortunate fact that when weight is gained it goes straight to areas that we would rather it didn’t. In my case it is my belly, thighs and arms. Also, if you lose a large amount of weight it can leave you with saggy skin as well.

Top tip no.1 Reduce body fat through a combination of diet and exercise. You can do exercises such as walking, cycling, aerobics or swimming – anything that gets your heart pumping. It is important to find an exercise program that you enjoy and not force yourself to do, otherwise you will get bored and give up. Once you have found the exercise program that you enjoy then you need to stick at it. It is recommended that 30 minutes of aerobic type exercises a day is extremely beneficial to health. Everyone can take 30 minutes out of their busy days to exercise in some way. Whatever your circumstances – for example you may be a busy mum – you need to have some time for yourself.

Trying to lose weight is often difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately, you cannot tell you body to lose weight in a specific area. The only way to reduce fat in any area is to lose fat from our whole body. There is no quick fix solution to losing weight and keeping it off. It simply takes a lot of effort, determination and motivation. Do not get sucked into extreme diets as they will only fail you in the end. What you need to do is really think about the reasons why you are overeating and try and address them. What I realised is that I eat out of boredom and not necessarily when I am hungry. So what I do when I find myself yearning to eat a chocolate bar, for example, is to take myself off for a 10-15 minute walk. This seems to help.

Losing weight and doing exercises like aerobics or walking will, unfortunately, not reduce the flab around your arms.

Top tip no.2 Build muscle by using specific strength training exercises. You may think that you will have to join a gym to do this. Of course, if your financial circumstances allow, then you could join a gym and enjoy their facilities. However, what tends to happen after the initial euphoria of going to the gym three times a week wears off, you find it hard to motivate yourself to go, especially if it is raining and cold outside. You can save yourself money, by foregoing an expensive gym membership, and work from the comfort of your own home. You do not need to buy expensive equipment, you could use items in your home like filled water bottles and baked bean tins. However, if you can afford it, it would be a good idea to invest in some dumbells of different weights. The exercises that I have found useful to help tone arms are bicep curls, push ups and tricep pushdowns. These exercises will help to create toned arms without bulking up.

So, my top tips to creating those beautifully toned arms you’ve always dreamed of are to reduce body fat and start a specific strength training exercise program.

If you want to Go Sleeveless, then please visit my Fat Flabby Arms website to learn more about how to achieve this. You don’t have to be young to have toned and defined arms. You can start at any age and any level of fitness.


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May 03

The Three Most Important Exercises For Flabby Arms

This is a comprehensive article with pictures and videos and some good explanation on how to exercise to loose the flabby arms. They are showing an easy option and a hard option involving push ups. I think I’ll be skipping the difficult option, pushups are not really in my repertoire but I will try the easy option.

If you have flabby, saggy, jiggly upper arms then these very simple exercises for flabby arms will really help you achieve the arms of your dreams.

Let’s face it, bingo wings, bat wings or whatever you want to call them can be the bane of any girls life. Who doesn’t want to have beautifully toned and sculpted arms like Michelle Obama or Wendie Malick (Hot in Cleveland) who wear sleeveless with confidence. It only goes to show that you can have toned arms, whatever your age (Wendie Malick is in her 60s).

There are many ways you can start your journey to get the arms and body you’ve always wanted. I will share with you some of the training that I’m doing that’s not only fun, but is seeing results. The three exercises I’ve mentioned below are, I feel, some of the best to tone those arms. Some of the exercises require dumbbells and if you can afford it, it may well be worth you investing in some of varying weights to help you along.

Even though you may want to tone your arms, it’s important to do work on your whole body in order to lose fat and tone muscle. Some suggestions are running, swimming, power walking and my personal favorite, Boot Camp as I love outdoor exercise. I’ve also discovered the power of kettlebells – read on to find out more.

Here’s to a body you can be proud of.

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May 01

The Best Ways to Lose Flabby Arms Without Push-Ups

Wow, this girl has awesome arms. In this short video she is showing us what kind of exercises to do in order to get some results and finally tone up those flabby arms. Looking at her is motivation enough. I am starting today.

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Mar 31

More on Stretchmarks

Nobody likes to sport their stretchmarks…so we are always looking for solutions to prevent them or to get rid of them. This article I found talks about using emu oil. Quite interesting. Read it. Information is power.

If you had a baby and also got some stretch marks along the way and now you are pregnant again you may be wondering how to prevent more stretchmarks from happening. Simple. Prevention is key.

Preventing more stretchmarks is as easy as just keeping yourself well hydrated, eating a well-balanced diet during your pregnancy and using products that contain cocoa butter to rub into your skin to help it stretch with your growing belly. See, even though you may already have some stretch marks, if you do this, you can minimize the development of additional stretch marks from forming.

Oh sure, now you wish you had done some research or had someone tell you these things before your last pregnancy. If someone had, you probably would not have the number of them that you do now. But listen, if you do these things this time around you will prevent them and may even help the ones you already have in the process.

The trick is to deep moisturize at least twice a day and keep the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin supple and resistant to breaking. That is how stretch marks happen in the first place. These little fibers can be coaxed to grow with you and not break if the very best skin care is taken during your pregnancy.

It doesn’t take much either, using a deep moisturizer, like cocoa butter, or lanolin, or vitamin E oil will keep your skin healthy and those little fibers will stretch as far as you need them to. It doesn’t even have to be these specific things I have just mentioned either. You can learn to make your own magic lotion potion. Just so some research to find things you like and put them together. Who knows, maybe you could even find something so good you could sell it and make your fortune that way, too.

But I digress, you are not looking to make money, you are looking for information on how to prevent stretch marks. In my research I have found something rather interesting that you may want to try. It is called emu oil and comes from the fat of the Australian bird called the emu. I have never used it and even laughed when I found it. But after reading some of what was written about it, I stopped laughing and if I were pregnant I would try it.

Used by the aborigines of Australia for centuries to help heal skin conditions like dry skin, sunburn, acne blemishes, and even cuts and scrapes. Emu oil has antibacterial properties that help skin heal and stay free of infection. Rubbed on arthritic joints, emu oil will reduce swelling and relive pain, too.

So if you want to prevent more stretchmarks from developing on your belly all you have to do is pick one of these remedies and use it diligently at least twice daily throughout your pregnancy. The best time to use them would be right after getting out of the bath or shower when your skin is it’s most absorbent state.

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Mar 29

A guide to treat and prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy

Developing stretchmarks during pregnancy is said to be genetic. So are there really good solutions in preventing them?

Stretchmarks during pregnancy is a big reality and more than 90% of all woman get them to some degree
when carrying a baby. There are hundreds of creams and oils claiming to help prevent and treat these
unsightly scars on our bodies, yet after spending thousands on these products out of utter desperation I
found that none of them actually do anything other than make you feel better about yourself in your mind.

I set out to do research and tried all sorts of experiments on different woman of different backgrounds.
My experiments included daily treatments with household products, the application of some household oils and
simply a healthy diet. First I tried olive oil twice daily because of it’s known healing properties.
I ended up with one messy, oily woman…with stretchmarks as clear as ever.

Next I tried adding some flower oils to bath water and lavender had a small effect on the purpleness of the skin
but didn’t really do much. Adding maizena to a bath also just had a big mess as result. This is when I tried
cacao butter and healing lanolin. This product (usually present in nipple cream) caused the marks to fade slightly
and the skin was elastic.

I applied bio oil and happy event for months and the marks went from purple to a light faded pink. But even then
they never went away. The woman who used the creams, oils and other products showed little to no results.
But the woman who followed a healthy diet with plenty of fluids from the start of pregnancy showed a
great 5% less chance of getting stretchmarks because their skin was healthy and elastic with plenty of stretchability.

However stretchmarks are genetic and if your mother had them, chances are you will too. There are no products
or diets that can chance your genetics, so if you do get these marks, know that you are not alone! And when
holding your little bundle of joy, I promise that the last thing on your mind will be stretchmarks. They
often fade by themselves after delivery and you can cover them up with some make-up base if you show your belly or
wear shorts.

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Mar 27

Did you ever wonder what causes Stretchmarks!?

It’s not what you think…The answer might surprise you. Find out the answer in this article I came across.

Many women get stretchmarks during pregnancy.

Most women freak, and are so upset their stomachs are ruined they forget that stretchmarks are scars of love. They are the reminder of where you’ve been and how you came to holding that beautiful child in your arms.

Stretchmarks aren’t just a part of pregnancy, you can develop them with growth spurts & gaining weight as well.

So what causes them?

Hormones is the answer, hormonal influences are the main cause of those nasty looking scars.

When you gain weight hormones are produced and then metabolized by fat cells. The hormones resemble fat and cholesterol, so the whole gaining and loosing bit affects our hormones makes them all wacky, it also affects the hormones in our skin.

MD Eric F. Bernstein Director of the Main line center for laser surgery, preformed a test in the lab. It plays out as follows; They artificially created stretchmarks by rubbing strong corticosteriod creams on ‘normal’ skin. Without out the test subject gaining or loosing any weight.

The steroids in the cream is similar to those hormones that cause stretchmarks naturally in/ on our bodies, the test proved that stretchmarks are not caused by stretching of the skin, rather their hypothesis was right about the hormones being the sole cause.

So why do people who gain weight hit the gym or get pregnant get stretchmarks?

In conclusion, it is in fact true your skin is expanding but the expansion is no factor in the cause of your battle scars, they are simply produced by hormones and that’s it!

So perhaps stretchmark is the wrong name for them. Perhaps they should change it to hormone marks. 🙂

So even though you now know it’s really not preventable, you can minimize them, before and after the fact. Here’s some helpful tips.

Embrace your body.

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Mar 08

Jeans That Prevent Cellulite – Do They Work?

I had to share this article….It is just too out there. Read it yourself it’s not very long. Maybe there is something to wearing a certain type of jeans and getting rid of cellulite. Love to read your comments.

Image source: http://news.yahoo.com/jeans-pr…

From Yahoo! News: New cellulite preventing jeans are advertised to provide a practical means of delivering preventative and reductive treatment. Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills remains a skeptic.Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 30, 2013 On January 16, 2013, Vogue UK reported on the launch of cellulite preventing jeans as the newest in a long line of devices designed to reduce the appearance of this flaw. According to the Vogue article, well-known fashion icon Lizzie Jagger is a spokesmodel for this new line of â??miracleâ? jeans (go to goo. …

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Mar 06

Have you tried to Dry Brush? They say it helps get diminish of cellulite….

Have you heard of dry brushing your sking? I never did until now but I will certainly give it a try. Sounds really healthy and easy. Dry brush your skin daily. Apparently you will love it so much you will become a diehard fan of dry brushing. Your skin will love it. Great advice, great tips in this short video. She give you a quick demonstration of how to dry brush. If you have cellulite spend extra time on that area. Leave a comment. Are you going to use dry brushing? Or have you already tried it? What are your results? Did it help with cellulite?

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