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Oct 06

Olive Oil I What The Heck Are You Eating

Have you ever wondered why there are so many kinds of olive oil? What is the difference? Does it matter? Do you know your olive oils? This short little video is very informative. Worth watching. Leave a comment below. Did you know about the different olive oils? Source: Youtube

Sep 30

What is the most popular plastic surgery right now?

body wrap for the chin

Can you guess? What is the most in demand plastic surgery right now? Surpassing breast augmentation…in case you were betting on that. I will give you a hint. I has to do with modern technology… OK, you give up? New trend emerging: “chin augmentation”. And yes, it is bypassing breast augmentation according to the American …

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Aug 28

Five Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat

Ever tired to lose weight but for some reason it just didn’t work or at least it didn’t quite work to your expectations? I think many of have been there….and what do we do? We give up. There might be some simple fixes, solutions that we could apply in order to succeed and lose that …

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Aug 26

Motivation booster – Weight loss – before and after pictures

Here is a video showing you a whole bunch of before and after weight loss pictures. I think it’s good to watch this video once in a while to reinforce in our mind that yes, we can do it. We can lose weight, others have done it. Losing weight is not easy and we can …

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Aug 24

Have you heard of Body Wraps? Before and After – video

I don’t know about you but I am kind of intrigued about body wraps. I heard about them before and I know there are many different kinds. So I am just trying to sort out what’s out there and see what others are thinking about body wraps and what kind of experience they have using …

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Jul 23

Do you have 3 minutes to trim your tummy?

I found this short little video that is just under 3 minutes long. I have it bookmarked since I will always have 3 minutes to do a bit of exercising in order to trim my belly. I find it easier to adhere to exercises that are not long, even if I do them more then …

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Jul 21

Summer Weight Loss Tips

We cannot hide under our winter coat in the summer so why not take action and lose some weight. It is actually a bit easier to shed the extra pounds in the summer because we tend to move more and eat more salads (watch that dressing…) and BBQ-d meats. One downfall could be alcohol and …

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Jul 19

Weight Loss using Garcinia Cambogia Review – Pros, Cons & Warnings

Great video to watch about the latest craze of Garcinia Cambodia miracle weight loss plant extract. I wanted to try it out myself and went to the local health food store to buy it. They are telling me it is so popular they can’t keep it stocked on their shelves. I had to have my …

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Jul 17

Have you heard of Garcinia Cambogia?

No, it’s not a pop singer or upcoming actress. Sounds like such a name to me…It is a fruit, a plant native to Indonesia, getting a lot of attention lately because it was endorsed by Dr. Oz as a weight loss method. The warning I hear is that you really have to make sure you …

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Jun 07

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Helpful Tips For Preventing Them

Around half of the women who get pregnant end up with stretchmarks somewhere on their body Understanding why and how do pregnancy stretchmarks occur helps with the process of prevention. There are may things to be considered, such as proper hydration, diet during pregnancy, vitamin and mineral levels, and of course genetics. This article is …

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