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Jun 05

Cellulite Reduction – 3 Possible Solutions

This article mentions 3 ways to get rid of cellulite but the reality is that there are a lot more ways to tackle this problem. Anyway, I thought if you are looking to get rid of cellulite you should know about these 3 methods. Happy reading. Looking for a cellulite reduction treatment?  There are many …

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Jun 03

Cellulite Reduction Secrets | How to Reduce Cellulite

Want to know more about cellulite? Check out this short video. You need a sequence of easy special workouts that? target the areas that have the cellulite. These workouts are designed to lift, form, and tone the locations you need it most while bringing back again the smooth pores and skin you tone you desire. …

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May 05

Do You Have Fat Flabby Arms? Summer is almost here time to tone up and show off

Time to get those arms toned up a bit, summer is around the corner and we can finally get rid of our multilayer clothing….Winters are so good in a way, you can just hide your flab so much better :). Anyway, read this article, it will help with your general diet and exercise and get …

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May 03

The Three Most Important Exercises For Flabby Arms

This is a comprehensive article with pictures and videos and some good explanation on how to exercise to loose the flabby arms. They are showing an easy option and a hard option involving push ups. I think I’ll be skipping the difficult option, pushups are not really in my repertoire but I will try the …

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May 01

The Best Ways to Lose Flabby Arms Without Push-Ups

Wow, this girl has awesome arms. In this short video she is showing us what kind of exercises to do in order to get some results and finally tone up those flabby arms. Looking at her is motivation enough. I am starting today. Source: Youtube

Mar 31

More on Stretchmarks

Nobody likes to sport their stretchmarks…so we are always looking for solutions to prevent them or to get rid of them. This article I found talks about using emu oil. Quite interesting. Read it. Information is power. If you had a baby and also got some stretch marks along the way and now you are …

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Mar 29

A guide to treat and prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy

Developing stretchmarks during pregnancy is said to be genetic. So are there really good solutions in preventing them? Stretchmarks during pregnancy is a big reality and more than 90% of all woman get them to some degreewhen carrying a baby. There are hundreds of creams and oils claiming to help prevent and treat these unsightly …

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Mar 27

Did you ever wonder what causes Stretchmarks!?

It’s not what you think…The answer might surprise you. Find out the answer in this article I came across. Many women get stretchmarks during pregnancy. Most women freak, and are so upset their stomachs are ruined they forget that stretchmarks are scars of love. They are the reminder of where you’ve been and how you …

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Mar 08

Jeans That Prevent Cellulite – Do They Work?

I had to share this article….It is just too out there. Read it yourself it’s not very long. Maybe there is something to wearing a certain type of jeans and getting rid of cellulite. Love to read your comments. Image source:… From Yahoo! News: New cellulite preventing jeans are advertised to provide a practical …

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Mar 06

Have you tried to Dry Brush? They say it helps get diminish of cellulite….

Have you heard of dry brushing your sking? I never did until now but I will certainly give it a try. Sounds really healthy and easy. Dry brush your skin daily. Apparently you will love it so much you will become a diehard fan of dry brushing. Your skin will love it. Great advice, great …

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