Mar 27

Did you ever wonder what causes Stretchmarks!?

It’s not what you think…The answer might surprise you. Find out the answer in this article I came across.

Many women get stretchmarks during pregnancy.

Most women freak, and are so upset their stomachs are ruined they forget that stretchmarks are scars of love. They are the reminder of where you’ve been and how you came to holding that beautiful child in your arms.

Stretchmarks aren’t just a part of pregnancy, you can develop them with growth spurts & gaining weight as well.

So what causes them?

Hormones is the answer, hormonal influences are the main cause of those nasty looking scars.

When you gain weight hormones are produced and then metabolized by fat cells. The hormones resemble fat and cholesterol, so the whole gaining and loosing bit affects our hormones makes them all wacky, it also affects the hormones in our skin.

MD Eric F. Bernstein Director of the Main line center for laser surgery, preformed a test in the lab. It plays out as follows; They artificially created stretchmarks by rubbing strong corticosteriod creams on ‘normal’ skin. Without out the test subject gaining or loosing any weight.

The steroids in the cream is similar to those hormones that cause stretchmarks naturally in/ on our bodies, the test proved that stretchmarks are not caused by stretching of the skin, rather their hypothesis was right about the hormones being the sole cause.

So why do people who gain weight hit the gym or get pregnant get stretchmarks?

In conclusion, it is in fact true your skin is expanding but the expansion is no factor in the cause of your battle scars, they are simply produced by hormones and that’s it!

So perhaps stretchmark is the wrong name for them. Perhaps they should change it to hormone marks. 🙂

So even though you now know it’s really not preventable, you can minimize them, before and after the fact. Here’s some helpful tips.

Embrace your body.

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