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Have you heard of Garcinia Cambogia?

No, it’s not a pop singer or upcoming actress. Sounds like such a name to me…It is a fruit, a plant native to Indonesia, getting a lot of attention lately because it was endorsed by Dr. Oz as a weight loss method.

The warning I hear is that you really have to make sure you are using a high quality product if you want to see results. Read this article I found on it if you want to know more.

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit bearing plant indigenous to Indonesia. The plant is also grown in the southern Asia including south India and Srilanka. Fruits of Garcinia cambogia are commonly known as gambooge and used as a spice or flavouring agent in traditional cooking. The plant has been used as a health supplement traditionally. Ayurveda has also mentioned its use in weigh loss preparations. Recently the plant has gained some reputation as a weight loss medicine among scientists also. because of presence of hydroxycitric acid (HCA). On a weight basis, gambooge yields more than 20% of HCA.

What is the mechanism of Garcinia cambogia?

The role of Garcinia cambogia as weight loss medicine depends on hydroxycitric acid (HCA). On a weight basis, gambooge yields more than 20% of HCA. Garcinia cambogia is though to work by dual mechanism. It is believed to have activities such as appetite suppression and fat synthesis. By producing appetite suppression it decreases intake of extra calories and by blocking also blocks the fat synthesis it leads to decrease in the body fat over longer period of time.

It is well known that higher cholesterol level is the most common culprit of adverse cardiovascular outcome. Cholesterol is synthesized from the biochemical called acetyl co-A. Acetyl Co-A is derived from the cleavage of citric acid with the help of an enzyme called citrate lyase. HCA is blocks the activity of citrate lyase leading to decreased synthesis of cholesterol. Thus, Garcinia cambogia not only promotes weight loss but also prevents occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Administration of Garcinia cambogia extract to rats continuously for 5 weeks has shown decrease in plasma cholesterol and low density lipoprotein. These results support the mechanism of HCS discussed above.

Proof of weigh loss benefits

Scientists from different regions have studied and published the weigh loss properties of Garcinia cambogia extract (GCE) in humans. In one study, GCE (2g/day) was administered tot he overweight patients for 10 weeks and was compared to the similar patients not receiving any medication. Blood cholesterol levels were found to be lower in the patients receiving GCE.
Another study has evaluated the effects of GCE containing 500 mg HCE on 35 human volunteers. After treatment for 5 weeks the patients sowed decreased lipid and appetite with benefits in mood and overall behaviour. It also improved overall well being of the patients receiving the extract.

What is the dose of Garcinia cambogia?

There is no established dose of Garcinia cambogia extract. But looking at the studies in human, it can be said that extract containing 500 mg HCA are required to produce appetite suppression and effective weight loss.

Safety of Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a natural herbal medicine, which is devoid of any side effects. The toxicity studies in animals have not shown any significant toxicity of the extract even at higher doses. Furthermore, no incidences of any adverse event have been reported at the doses being administered for the weight loss purpose. Safety of Garcinia cambogia in pregnant and lactating women is not established. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid the use of Garcinia cambogia.

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