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How To Get Rid of Double Chin

This great article has a lot of information about reducing chin fat. It presents and weighs many options such as using various creams, wraps, exercises and even surgery. If you have a problem or you want to know more on what is out there to help you reduce or get rid of your double chin then read this article. Leave your comment below. What is your opinion? What methods have you tried or are considering. Have you ever thought of lipolaser?

There is nothing more irritating then looking in the mirror and seeing a person with double chin looking back at you.  The unattractive fat deposits that build up on the chin and lower neck are an obvious sign of weight loss and aging, and is definitely not an appealing sight for the owner.  There are options, from exercise to cosmetic surgery, to rid your face of the undesired fat.  If you know how to get rid of your double chin, you will regain the confidence you once had without it.


There are several exercise that are useful in losing your double chin.  These exercises work the muscles in your face to tone and sculpt your chin.  One such exercise is the Yahoo Exercise.  You start by holding your head back with your chin facing vertical.  Open your mouth in exaggerated movements.  Try saying Yah-hoo.  Repeat this for ten counts.  Try this exercise on a daily basis and you will see chin start to disappear before your eyes.  Consider taking a before and after photo, to track your results.  This is not an immediate fix, but over time you will notice a firmer chin.  

Similar to the yahoo exercise, point your chin upward.  Imagine you are chewing food, again use an exaggerated movement.  Chew with your mouth wide open.  With these exercises manners are not necessary.  Continue until you feel it working, you will feel the burn.

Another exercise that may look odd to someone observing you, is this.  Place your palm flat against your forehead.  Put pressure on your forehead and create resistance with your head.  This resistance will work various muscles in the face and chin.  Continue this on a ten count.  Although it looks like you are fighting yourself, you are really fighting a battle against the bulge on your chin.  

Another great exercise.  Lay flat on your back with arms to your side and palms to the ground.  Lift your head off of the ground for ten seconds.  Then turn your head to the left and right for ten seconds each, without resting.  Complete this over for three times.

Aside from exercises designed specifically to burn chin fat, all around exercise will gradually assist you in your desire to lose chin fat.  Because your body burns fat in every area of your body proportionately, you will find that weight loss is a great tool for not only “thunder thighs” but double chins as well.

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