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More on Stretchmarks

Nobody likes to sport their stretchmarks…so we are always looking for solutions to prevent them or to get rid of them. This article I found talks about using emu oil. Quite interesting. Read it. Information is power.

If you had a baby and also got some stretch marks along the way and now you are pregnant again you may be wondering how to prevent more stretchmarks from happening. Simple. Prevention is key.

Preventing more stretchmarks is as easy as just keeping yourself well hydrated, eating a well-balanced diet during your pregnancy and using products that contain cocoa butter to rub into your skin to help it stretch with your growing belly. See, even though you may already have some stretch marks, if you do this, you can minimize the development of additional stretch marks from forming.

Oh sure, now you wish you had done some research or had someone tell you these things before your last pregnancy. If someone had, you probably would not have the number of them that you do now. But listen, if you do these things this time around you will prevent them and may even help the ones you already have in the process.

The trick is to deep moisturize at least twice a day and keep the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin supple and resistant to breaking. That is how stretch marks happen in the first place. These little fibers can be coaxed to grow with you and not break if the very best skin care is taken during your pregnancy.

It doesn’t take much either, using a deep moisturizer, like cocoa butter, or lanolin, or vitamin E oil will keep your skin healthy and those little fibers will stretch as far as you need them to. It doesn’t even have to be these specific things I have just mentioned either. You can learn to make your own magic lotion potion. Just so some research to find things you like and put them together. Who knows, maybe you could even find something so good you could sell it and make your fortune that way, too.

But I digress, you are not looking to make money, you are looking for information on how to prevent stretch marks. In my research I have found something rather interesting that you may want to try. It is called emu oil and comes from the fat of the Australian bird called the emu. I have never used it and even laughed when I found it. But after reading some of what was written about it, I stopped laughing and if I were pregnant I would try it.

Used by the aborigines of Australia for centuries to help heal skin conditions like dry skin, sunburn, acne blemishes, and even cuts and scrapes. Emu oil has antibacterial properties that help skin heal and stay free of infection. Rubbed on arthritic joints, emu oil will reduce swelling and relive pain, too.

So if you want to prevent more stretchmarks from developing on your belly all you have to do is pick one of these remedies and use it diligently at least twice daily throughout your pregnancy. The best time to use them would be right after getting out of the bath or shower when your skin is it’s most absorbent state.

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