Dec 30

New Year’s Resolutions

We often hear that New Year’s resolutions usually last for only a week or two.  Why?

One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight.  Why do we “fall of the wagon” so quickly?  I suspect it’s because we are planning to make huge changes rather than smaller ones that are more achievable. Loosing Weight - New Year Resolution

Diet – Make at least one change that can make a significant difference.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  Bring your lunch and snacks to work; start with 2 or 3 times per week if it’s a big change.  Commit to not eating  after supper (my biggest challenge).

Exercise – Instead of planning to exercise 5 times per week, why not start with 1 or 2 times and build from there?  Choose the best time of day for you and commit to it.  Tell a friend with the same plan and hold each other accountable.  Even better, exercise with a friend.

Water – Drink more water throughout the day.  We all know the reasons, right?

Balance protein/fat/carbs – With snacks, add a small amount of cheese or a small handful of nuts to a piece of fruit or veggies.  Pure carbs, even healthy ones, will spike our blood sugar and make us hungrier in a few hours.

Try a new, healthy recipe once a week.  A great place to start is http://allrecipes.com  which includes reviews.  For this time of year, http://allrecipes.com/recipes/soups-stews-and-chili/ looks especially good.  Cook up some stew or soup on the weekend and save enough for one or two freezer meals to have later, including lunches at work!

What are one or two changes you can make that will make a difference for you?  

I commit to exercising at least twice per week and not eating after 7 pm.

Join with me to make your own healthy changes for 2013!

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