Sep 30

What is the most popular plastic surgery right now?

Can you guess? What is the most in demand plastic surgery right now?

Surpassing breast augmentation…in case you were betting on that. body wrap for the chin

I will give you a hint. I has to do with modern technology…

OK, you give up?

New trend emerging: “chin augmentation”.

And yes, it is bypassing breast augmentation according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, (ASPS).

Why you ask? Because of Skype, Facetime and similar technology that we use talking to each other using real time video.¬† I guess we are sick of looking at our sagging chin or double chin….while talking specially that we know the person on the other end is getting a really good close up of that….It is funny in a way but I can see that turning into an sore spot.

Plastic surgeon have been busy with all the chin “fixing” requests but there is another, much more gentler way of dealing with that less than perfect chin. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons say that our culture has moved into a technical age in which having an appealing appearance gives professionals a competitive edge. There a lot of men who are having their chin “fixed”.

There is company called It Works. They have an excellent botanically infused natural wraps.

These wraps help you lose inches of of any body part that storing stubborn fat and many people use it to tighten, tone and form their chin.

  • No pain – No expensive surgery
  • Helps reduce fat and double-chin or neck folds
  • No more loose or hanging skin
  • Firm, lift and smooth your neckline

Go ahead and check out this awesome wrap.

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