Jun 07

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Helpful Tips For Preventing Them

Around half of the women who get pregnant end up with stretchmarks somewhere on their body Understanding why and how do pregnancy stretchmarks occur helps with the process of prevention.

There are may things to be considered, such as proper hydration, diet during pregnancy, vitamin and mineral levels, and of course genetics.

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Over 50% of all expectant mothers fall victim to pregnancy stretch marks. Many women are unprepared for this unwelcome side effect of pregnancy and seek remedies to reduce or eliminate the presence of these scars. Depending on the woman’s complexion, the stretch marks may be light brown or pinkish in color. The unsightly but painless scars typically become less noticeable over time.

Unfortunately, however, due to factors such as skin type, genetics and the amount of weight gain one experiences during her pregnancy, getting rid of stretch marks can be a challenging endeavor. Although there are certain treatments that can fade or otherwise lessen the appearance of such scars, it is difficult to entirely eliminate them once they have occurred.

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