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Summer Weight Loss Tips

We cannot hide under our winter coat in the summer so why not take action and lose some weight. It is actually a bit easier to shed the extra pounds in the summer because we tend to move more and eat more salads (watch that dressing…) and BBQ-d meats. One downfall could be alcohol and sugary drinks and yes, that tempting ice cream bar.

I say, enjoy your summer and make it a point in eating healthy and move as much as possible. It fun and you will be rewarded with smaller dress size and more energy.

Read this article below. I found it had some good points.

No need to starve yourself on a crazy diet if you dream of looking sexy in shorts. In summer, weight loss can happen quite quickly. The reason? I won?t fool you. It is not because your digestion or metabolism is related in anyway to the heat. But there are two reasons why summer weight loss is easy:

  • During summer, heavy, spicy, oily food automatically becomes less appealing. Instead, people choose light, refreshing, cool foods. That means less calories, of course.
  • Summer offers you a number of easy ways in which you can fight the flab.

Summer gives you the perfect excuse to eat and drink right. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This will keep your skin sparkling fresh. Avoid food that is oily and spicy as this can cause your skin to break out. Eat melons, berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, fresh greens and veggies. Instead of colas, go for chilled, broth-based soups. With food like these, you don?t have to worry about portion control!

Summer is the best time to up your exercise level. This is the time you can get out of the hateful gym and go for a jog near the beach or take a run around the park. No need to drag yourself to your gym when there is great weather outside.

A word of warning: Keep a bottle of water with you so you can keep yourself hydrated. Also, splash a generous amount of sunscreen on you before you venture out in the sun.

Summer gives you more choices. Unlike in the winter when only the daft and the hard-headed can venture outdoors, in summer, there is plenty to be done out of doors. Mow the lawn, do a spot of gardening, mend that yard or play ball with your kids. Remember, every time you move your body, you are losing calories!

Summer is the best time to take up fun activities. I like to swim during summer because the water is so deliciously warm that I could stay in it for hours. For me, this is one exercise that feels less like exercise and more like having tons of fun.

Summer is the best time to kick-start your new diet plan, if you have one. Unlike in the winter when you are always feeling hungry, the summer makes you feel wonderful. Also, since you are not cooped up in a room all day, chances of reneging on your diet are slimmer. Because of all the activities (I mentioned above), you will also find that the calories slip off you much faster than in the winter. All the more reason to work a little harder this summer.

As you can see, in summer weight loss can happen like a dream. There are so many things to do. So, get out there and work out a huge sweat.

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